Gorgeous Two-tone

I remember it like it was yesterday... even if it was 52 years ago. i was 4 years old, standing in front of my apartment building in NYC with my Mom and older sister. There it was, cruising down the street - the first car our family was to own - a 3 year old, two-tone brown (like chocolate pudding) and yellow (a little deeper than 'school bus yellow) two door, '57 Ford Fairlane. Except for the color, it looked exactly like my favorite toy (that one was gray). It was the most gorgeous vehicle my young eyes has ever laid eyes on. Man oh man, i could not wait to assume my rightful place - standing behind the drivers seat with my Dad at the wheel (there were not seat belts in the back in those days... and no seat belt laws. At the age of 9, i fell in love with another Ford - Mustang. 22 years later, i bought a wrecked '68 GT... fixed it up over the next couple of years and became a very proud cruiser. Now, i am headed that way again... about to order a 2013 with Pony pkg in Deep Impact Blue. Yippee!