First Word, First Ford.

I'm old. But my mom and dad had to tell me about this. The first word I ever spoke was "car". I could count to 120 by fives and tens early in life as a direct result of looking at the speedometer on my dad's 55 Ford. When he traded that car in because it was two doors and he needed for to accomidate my sister and I, he told me I cried all the way to the dealership. Said I only stopped after we got into our "new" Ford. A 1960 Ford Galaxy 500. And he told me that it was "My door" directly behind "His" on the driver side. Guess you can say I'm from a Ford family.
I've owned three Econolines, a Pinto, three Rangers, a Mustang, three F-150s, a 1958 Fairlane, and my latest project, a 1947 Ford pick-up. I'm still in my 2011 F-150 STX 4X4 and am loving it more than any of the others. Except for my Hot Rod 47!!
Only problem I have, is that Ford keeps making stuff better, and I keep wanting to be on the leading edge with the new things. Guess that's not such a bad problem!!
Jim Valky, Hertford, NC.