First Kiss In A 57 Ford

I met my husband of 44 years, he pulled up in front of a donut shope, he ask if I needed a ride to school. I knew his brothers and had seen him around I thought he was so cute, so just to be with him for a few min. I said yes. A week later he ask my next door neighbor who he was friends with him to ask me if I wanted to go to Amechies with them. I went that night. When Bud brought me home he ask me out for that next Saturday night. I was Buds first girl friend. We had our first kiss in front of my house in his 57 Ford the rest is history. 2 children 4 grand children and 44 years later we are still happy. We also have allways had fords . We have one that we used to show it was a family affair. That Ford is a 1970 Ford Fairlane 429 super cobra jet. It is in our will for our son.