My Parents First New Car

As they were wrapping up college, my parents were in the market for their first new car. They told me they went around looking at the different models, and ended up choosing a Torino over the Mustang as it had more room for a family (planning ahead!) The placed an order for a convertible with a 302 2V, Indian FIre Red as the color.

They waited and waited for the car to arrive. They would go in every couple of weeks to check on the status, and kept getting updates. Finally the dealer fessed up - the order had arrived at the factory a short time after the line had been shut down for the year! My parents were told to search the local dealerships for a Torino, any Torino, and the dealer would make good. They ended up with a 351 4V, dark green convertible.

I remember many rides in this car as a child. My parents have always been a Ford family, but that is THE car I remember most growing up. My favorite times were spent in that car in the back with the top down. They still have it, but it is in sore need of help, leaving only memories at this point.

The photo isn't of their car, but it is the closest I could find on the web.
Sandy L 05/16/2012
My first new car was a 71 Torino with the 351. The 302 was a good engine but not as fun and the 351 was a great engine. Wish I still had mine to restore. I hope your able to restore yours someday.