Together Again!

I have to start this story by saying that the list didn't option our car, but rather a Fairlane 500. Ours is a 1959 Galaxie 500. With that said: Our love story started before 1959, but the Galaxie 500's story started in 1959. My husband and I were dating, although he was going to college in a town about 170 miles from where I was still going to high school. When he decided he just had to have the new 1959 Ford Galaxie 500 we planned every last option together, and it was just such an awesome car. Beautiful and fast! We loved that car! But as life often does, it took us in different directons. We both married others. He went on to be a high school teacher and farmer in our home town in NE Montana, and I ended up in Northern California with my own family and life. He had traded in "our" Galaxie on another Ford shortly after he married, but never really forgot it. Life went on for both of us, and after several years the man that had bought the Galaxie so many years before, called my husband and asked if he would like to buy it back. Well, of course! (The first wife was never told the "whole story".) So, there it sat in storage, just waiting...But again, life stepped in. His first wife died and I had been divorced for several years. Several twists and turns to the roads later our paths crossed again, and we decided that we were meant to be together. During a Spring Break he flew and I drove to Las Vegas where we were married in one of those totally tacky little wedding chapels. San Francisco Sally's something or other. Much fun! After a few days he flew home and I returned to California where I quit my job, rented out my house, packed everything in a huge U-Haul and hit the road for NE Montana. After that, it didn't take long before he started restoring that Galaxie, and today it's beautiful and powerful once more, and once more, we're "together again." Older and wiser, and better than ever.
Dave E 04/07/2012
Great story! When I was a little kid, my mom had a car just like that without the skirts. My dad bought it for her used in 60 or 61, It had belonged to a school teacher.