Push, Drag, Pull

By Paul B.

My story? It goes like this, I found this bucket of rust sitting behind an abandoned house near my home. I was in my youth at that time, not knowing what year this was, all I knew is I wanted it! I had a best friend at that time, we used to ride our bikes down to the car and hang out in it. Then one day I decided I want to track down the owner, so I asked around till I was able to find the owner. They agreed on $85 and my best friend said he had a way to get it home. Mind you this car has sat in this very spot for over 20 years, did not run, and had 4 flat tires. One night while having dinner with my folks, we began to hear the sound of something being draged down the street, heavy metal scraping sound. We came out side to see this bucket of rust being towed by my best friends friends truck, and him behind it pushing it...what a sight! Once at my house my parents said No Way! So my best friend took it to his home, from there it was towed away for expired tags, and looking like an eye sore. This started my love affair with the 1958 Fords, I have owned several now.