Old Buddy

It all started April 3,1967. Thats when I took delivery of my first new car. She's bright shiney red with a white convertible top. My old '58 Ford couldn't hold a candle to her. Shortly after taking her for her first ride the battery was taken ouy while I was at trade school for machining. I said to my father thats it I am driving the 58 to school from now on. This lead to a 45 year love affair. Two years later she was paid off thanks to dad for cosigning. My youth took over then and I wanted her to go faster. drag racing was the answer. Wrong. It did well but the money was to much. Having then found old cars fun the Fairlane was put away. That was 1973. She sat for 6 years. Oh my on more convertibles. Out came the Fairlane,with a serious cleaning polishing of everything. She has 21,000 miles on her. Now its time to show her off. 1981 the wife and I took her around to various shows east of the Mississippi. She was the apple of our eye. The big deal came in 2003 when we accepted the invite to 100th anniversary of FORD. Hear we come Dearborn. Really had a good time and enjoyed all the comments. A Green Bay Packer offered to buy her but no go. She is still enjoying the good life in her heated garage, and comes out on very nice days only. Oh she only has 28,000 on her today. Feb 8, 2012