My Love Affair With My Car

The very first was a Falcon ugley color, but then came my maroon 64 3 speed on the colom. Learned how to drive a stick shift because of her , then went on to 4 & 5 speed.She was my baby could take her any where, food shopping and Raceway Park drag raceing.My husband took track elemator with her but not ever with his chevy lol. He got rid of the chevy he had learned his lesson.Well ever science no other out cast allowed.That is all he have are fords from a 62 to 2006. It seems that when i love my car people just don't want her to look good she had been hit so many times ,always got her fixed , it just seems what car i really love others don't. I park far away but it doesn't help.Even at the end of her being with us her paint was really bad but you know she still looked good to me.My husband has the same car but it just doesn't have her personality like mine, i sure do miss her ,but i do have her picture . I hope the guy who has he loves her like i do but i doubt it, years ago my husband tryed to buy me a newcar but nope i wouldnt let her go. The seat had some kind of material vinal never hot or cold just right. Like i said could take her any where from the race track to the food store where else can you find a car like that!