My Buddy

April 3, 1967. I took delivery of my first new Ford. I drove it for a year as my daily driver. This would change as I couldn't do this to it, drive it in the salt covered roads. I was 20 years old. The Fairlane was then made into a drag car and was very successful. This only lasted a couple of years. Having a other Fords to drive and collecter cars the Fairlane was put away. 1979 brought a whole new outlook, no more Convertibles. Out came the Fairlane, the car was subjected to a freshening up. No the car was not restored, just made to be reliable. Driving an almost new 14 year old car is was great. Normal maintanance has been the norm the past 30 years. I was able to enjoy the 100th celebration of Ford, taking the Fairlane with me. I had a Green Bay Packer offer to buy the car on the grounds during show. Now after 45 years she has only has 28,000 miles on it. This makes it just a joy to drive. Talk about reliable, just get in start her up and goooo>