My Big Box

It was a buy me down from my parents after they bought a new 63, with a 390V-8. There I was with my big 4-door , 2-tone , inline 6 with an automatic.. Lots of chrome and gold metal trim. Quad headlights and tail lights too. I really did love that big chrome honeycomb grill. Man did I dig the baby moon caps on the gloss black wheel's, I think they were from a Linclon, bigger than the ones that came on my Ford. There was the Stromburg 97, 2- barrel, with the JC Whitteny adaptor and the chrome mesh air cleaner under the hood. Had to have something to brag about with a slushbox 6.

It was a good drive inn cruiser , lots of us could fit into it , KOMA blasting away on the AM. We would drive all over town from one drive inn to another, Oh those Delta Onion Rings . Oh yes, less we forget, about the drive inn movies, big front seats, lots of room, great makeout car! If you were out with the guys, the trunk would hold a bunch of guys made the dollar show a little cheaper, $1.05 an hour did not go far, even with gas at 19.9 a gallon.

She left me with a lot of good memories.