Family Ties

I grew up in a Ford family. My grandparents worked at the Rouge during the war. My father worked at MCC, and VOGO. I have worked at FTC, DSC, VOGO, and APTL. I have mostly owned Fords all my life. One of my toys a 1967 Fairlane. It reminds me of all the old Fords my father had, and that we worked on when I was younger. I now share this love with my son. For his 16th birthday I gave him my 1966 Fairlane Coupe. We both work on all the Ford vehicle. It has been a great bonding experience.
T C 09/29/2012
That is one nice car! Wouldn't it be great if Ford built a retro version of this car? Hey if Dodge can do it with the Challenger, why can't Ford do it with the Fairlane?
sweet fairlane