The Red Car

Back in 1994 my grandparents baught a 1993 Escort LX 2 dr hacth that was Cardnal Red with Red interior. Sevral miles and years later it was givin to me as my first car. All I have to say is it maybe 18 years old but she'll still start right up and go almost like it was a year old. I've had it from high school through college and still have it today, altough it's used as a show car now it never let go of it reliablity. Currently it has 140k on it, has had 2 auto transmissions, 1 accident(not major) and lots of memories. The only things I've added to kinda personalize my car is I added a factory looking spoiler, fog/driving lights, chrome trim around the turn signals and tail lights for exterior. Under the hood is still pretty much factory asside from the valve cover of the lil 1.9 SEFI has been painted. Inside I added a cd player, seat covers, shift knob and I replaced teh front door speakers. There's not many around quite like mine, fact I belive mine is in the best condition for its age and I thank my grandparents for taking care of it and Ford for making a real solid veichle!