The Little Engine That Could!

I would like to tell everyone about my dad's 1997 Ford Escort. Even with its small frame, this car has the heart of a F-150. As a hard working man, he has continued to make a living for our family, giving my brothers and I the life he never had. Hailing from the suburbs of the Motor City, all Michiganians know all too well the brutal winters we experience. The destruction of roads from salt and sand bring wear and tear on every car. However, my dad's Ford Escort makes it through every winter, traveling 45 minutes each way to work, battling severe snow and ice to large potholes and bumps. He currently has 230,000+ miles on it and has never had a major issue with the car. All he does is change the oil and replace the brake pads and his Ford Escort does the rest. With gas prices increasing every day, his 4-cylinder Ford Escort saves him significant time and money that he probably would have to deal with if he had a different car. We want to thank you Ford for all the great work you do, making a difference in all of our lives. I can only hope that the next Ford he gets will be the same.
greg forrester 03/24/2011
My 92 Escort lasted over 337,000 miles for the 16 years I had it. The most expensive thing I ever had to replace on it was the struts twice. If I had not hit a deer in 2008 and severely damaged it , I probably would still be driving it.