The Little Blue Wagon That Could

In 1993 I bought a Ford Escort wagon. I have been driving this car ever since. Three years ago I backed into the drivers side with my 2003 Ford 150 and dented it really bad, but I continued to drive it as it gets great gas milage. In 1998 I hit a deer with the front fender of it and put a crease in the drivers side again. This wagon just rolled over 400,000 miles. Last Friday night coming home from work a deer came barreling out of the ditch and I could not stop to avoid hitting it. I hit the deer broad side with the very front of the car, the air bags went off I killed the deer but my little blue escort never quit running. In fact I drove it to the neighbors house just up the road and had to shut it off. Now the hood looks like an accordion and the radiator needs to be replaced. But my husband and I are going to fix it as I can drive a week and a half on a tank of gas. I live 15 miles from my job site. Just thought you would like to know what a great car I have!