The Car That Won't Die

My first car was a 1999 Escort sedan, I got it in high school, and on top of being a commuter, it also served as a 4x4, a race car, and a bedroom on several occasions. It took me through college, and across the country 5 times, made the trek through the BC Rockies in a blizzard, got launched in the air several times (the worst of which bent a control arm and my transmission brace) and has just been an all around great car.

Now 7.5 years later, and after 2 more escorts (93 LX and 91 GT) I still have my first car, it's retired now as I bought an F-150 as a daily driver. I will not sell this car, I have too many good memories in it and it just works too good to this day.
John Ford 10/15/2011
My Mom has a 1997 Ford Escort LX Wagon, with a little bit over 200,000 miles on it, and still runs like it was made yesterday, while still using the original 2.0L SOHC 4! These cars are amazing little machines, and are overlooked by way to many people.
Dominik 07/20/2011
That is great to hear partner! In high school my dad let me drive his well-used 1990 Mercury Sable GS (blue metallic) on dates and to go see my friends. I get teary eyed even today when I think about that car. It wasn't fancy, but it was VERY comfortable, had decent mileage, LARGE enough trunk for everything! A pleasure to drive and travel in. I miss that car, and I do feel guilt that we eventually got rid of it when it did die 16 years after it was made. I drove it like I stole it in high school, and now I wish I hadn't. That lovely Sable GS meant a lot...and as I got older and wiser...I miss it like nothing else =( Thank you FORD for making a great car which allowed my (immigrant) family to travel throughout and learn about our new country...good ol' USA!