She Walked Away Without A Scratch

By Mike S.

Last night my 17 year old daughter called me at about 11:05pm. On her way home she had swerved to miss a large deer, lost control of her car, missed a telephone pole by 8 inches, hit a fire hydrant and cut it off at the base, flipped her car over twice and landed right side up in a farmers field. She couldn’t find her cell to call me so she walked to the road try to flag down two people, who did not stop. The houses across the street heard a “woman screaming in the woods” and called the police. She borrowed an officers cell phone and called us at home at 11:05pm.My wife and I drove up to the scene to see 8 police cars with lights blaring …. Obviously we thought the worst. An emotional roller coaster … The car blew out the back window, both front airbags went off, the roof is severaly dented and the hood is smashed up.... the doors close somewhat ... both front tires and rims are bent inward ... damage was everyhwhere....but the radio still works !!!! We had her taken to the ER for a few tests and just to check her out. She walked out a few hours later ............!Things turned out for the best however .... all she has is a slightly bruised right thumb !!!!!! The car is a total loss of course, but that little 1994 Escort 4 door gave its life protecting my daughter! While the outside and engine are completely destroyed the passenger compartment kept her safe and out of harms way....I thank God for all the small miracles that led to her survival and I thank God for the Ford Motor Company and its' many people, that little Ford Escort gave its life protecting her. PLEASE tell everyone about this story and just important each and everyone is ... You saved my daughters life.