Retiring Old Reliable

Just wanted to share my recent post to facebook:

Well, looks like this is it for my Ford Escort that my students always looked for in the parking lot to see if I was still on campus. I had it in the shop for a new battery, but while they were driving it back out of the shop, they noticed some problems with the struts. After much discussion about costs, and especially about the safety of this car, this last Friday, June 20th, we made the decision to scrap it.

I bought this car new in 1991, and paid $288.05/month for 48 months to buy it. When I looked back at the contract (yes, I still had all my original documentation - hey, it was my first new car purchase, ok?), I noticed the date was actually 6/20/91 when I drove it off the lot. Exactly 23 years and 253,694.2 miles later, we're calling it quits. What stinks the most, though, is that the engine is fine, the body's not rusted, and the car still has the original exhaust system in place. But everything else is giving out (like seat belts, struts, and tie rod ends, for example), and it costs way more than the car is worth to fix.

This car has shuttled me to and from graduate school; taken us to Canada and back, and across Canada, a few times; all over the U.S.; over Jeep roads to trail heads; over dirt roads to visit friends; and we brought our son home from the hospital in it after countless trips to the hospital to visit him. I've had this car for half of my life at this point! I don't think I can write a better tribute than to say simply that it's been a darn good car, and I'm sad to give it up. So long, Red, and thanks for the memories.

And by the way, the air conditioner still works like a champ too!
Ford Social 09/02/2014
Hi Loranelle - What a lovely tribute! You have certainly gone the distance in your Ford Escort! It's nice to know that Ford has been a reliable constant for you for the past 23 years. Thank you for sharing your story with us! - Social.Ford