New Years Eve

It was Dec. 31st 1985. My dad was a lifetime Ford engineer in Dearborn Michigan. (He worked in the glass division - which no longer exists.) He was on vacation for the holidays and he took me to the dealer so i could get the family discount. (What did they call it then? the "A Plan?") So.... I was a teacher at a Catholic school with an income of less tha $15,000 and I was debating between a Mustang with no extras (We are talking hand crank windows, no air and no tape player.) and an Escort with lots of features. My dad wisely pointed out that while a Mustang is a young person's dream car, buying one with no features would impress nobody and I would really want the air conditioning in the summer. I listened to my dad and bought a "midnight canyon red" Escort with air conditioning and a tape player and power windows. I paid it off in four years, and I drove it for ten more. I then donated it and I believe it is still being used by some lucky soul. Currently I drive my dream Mustang, leased by my husband who is a Ford engineer. His father was also a Ford engineer, so i guess you could say our family is Ford through and through.