My Ford Story

My first car was a 95 ford escort! I found her for 1000 dollars in 2004! I used her to get to my first job to get my first date even the first time I got lucky I drove her into a lake over her hood when we got caught! My second ford I bought while stationed in Germany a tuned 97 mustang GT what a beautiful car! Had my second child the wife told me she had to go! Now I have a 2010 Taurus SHO love her more then my GT. and my wife can not argue that we need to sell her have room for our 2 children and long trips down the German Autobahn! She hugs the road and passes almost everything on the road! Just wish she had 550 + whp and not governed down at 140 MPH ! Pretty sad seeing a focus German spec pass you going almost 200 mph.
Bob M 01/28/2013
i cant believe they even made a fusion with such a poor transmission i will never buy a fusion again my mom still paying on that stupid junk fusion of hers what a joke i am telling every one and any one not to buy ford fusions and i know alot of people i am thinking of posting a sign saying ford fusion cars have junk tranmission dont buy one on rout 20 so 4000 or more people a day see it and dont buy one
Bob M 01/28/2013
2006 ford fusion 4 cyl this car is junk transmission went out at 110 k miles and this piece of junk any transmission to have done 8 grand what piece of junk i will never buy a ford fusion or a ford to have such a junk transmission
do not buy a ford fusion if you do not want these problems