Life Transistions Car

By Bob W.

I am the oldest of 5 kids, my dad kept several beater cars for us to use for school, work and sports. One of those was an early 80s Ford Escort, dark red 4 door manual transmission. It was reliable and got great MPG, so as soon as I got a good paying job out of college I walked into the local Ford dealer and bought a brand new Escort LX. Didn't haggle or negotiate, just found one with the features I wanted in my price range, and signed on the dotted line! Black 2 door, manual transmission, no air! Never regretted it for a moment, we drove that car all over the country after marrying a nurse and following her to her travel nurse jobs. Brought two sons home from the hospital in it. Taught my wife how to drive a stick in the car, didn't need a new clutch! It helped move me into and out of my apartment, and into our new house, that hatchback with fold down back seat was a great design! Literally drove it into the ground, it was ten years old and had over 150K miles on it when we sold it for a couple hundred bucks. Still miss it to this day, it was comfortable, peppy, good in the snow and never had major mechanical problems. I loved mine so much my sister bought on just like it when she graduated college a year later!