It Just Won't Die!

By Dawn W.

I have a 1996 Ford Escort that won't die. She's got over 220.000 miles on her and isn't even tired. Ok maybe tired, but not exhausted. I've only ever replaced a belt, an alternator, fuel pump, thermostat and battery. I know this will crush a lot of car enthusiasts, but I rarely ever change the oil. I get great gas mileage. I drive her like a porsche lol. She's been up mountains, through forest fire smoke, across states for days at a time. Her interior still looks new..minus the hot chocolate stain on the passenger side floor board...and I'll be sorry to see her go. I'm hoping to somehow come up with the money for something with a little more room and when i do, this ol broad "Ethel" is going to be donated to charity so that someone who needs her can appreciate her for the rest of her years. Thanks Ford, a car like Ethel is hard to come by. PS. I bought her used and only paid $800 for her yearsssss ago.