I Love My Escort

I have a 1995 Ford Escort. As of today I have 535,110 miles on it. Same block differnent head. it still gets 30mpg. I am writing this to thank you for the increible service I recieved from my Escort. Unfortunatety it's getting to the end of the road. No pun intended. It's getting alittle tried. I would buy another Escort if you still made them. It always got me from A to B safely and economically. Upon request I'll be happy to supply my automobile license and vin#for proof of 535,110 miles. However I'm very greatfull for owning a Ford Escort. Thank you again it's a great car!
Alan Nicholls 04/27/2011
i have a 1995 turbo diesel , lovely reliable car although mine neaded a new cam as the belt broke . nearly killed the car but having an older escort the spares kept it alive. only 185000 miles on mine. good luck with yours