Getting The Ford Escort Feeling

The year was 2001 or 2002 (can't remember exactly), but I know that it was my first ride with a Ford. It was a Ford Escort mark 6, hatchback, blue.
I was a passenger and the driver was an old family friend. He had just bought the car and asked me and my dad to go for a ride with him.
I tell you, I drove or just took a ride as a passenger in many cars, but the feeling of that Ford was overwelming.
So here I was, 9 years later I bought my first car, a Ford Escort hatchback, blue, manufactured in 1998 with an 1.6l Zetec engine, 16 valve, 90hp (66kw).

This car wasn't in such a good state when I bought it, but with time I got it running good, looking good and now, one year after I've bought it, it's a proud car of the Ford family.
I've replaced the power steering rack, the clutch, both front control arms, both control arms, a window crane and a LOT of other small stuff and tweaks, body work done, new paint job.
After all the sweat, heart and blood I've put into this car, I tell you, I've started loving it. It's not "just a car" for me anymore, it's my Ford, my little sister.