Found On Road Driving

My story is simple- at a time when my wife and I desperately needed a car, my grandparents were upgrading from their 97 Ford Escort, and it was passed down to us. No power locks, windows, or AC- and a sticks shift to boot, it wasn't much to look at. It already had well over a hundred thousand miles, but during each mile that car had been carefully taken care of.

Three years later, I'm still driving my family of four in a 97 Ford Escort, and proud of it. I love every scratch, ding, and wear mark. 15 years old and still no sign of rust. The little maintanence it requires I can do with some friends on the weekend- the parts cost next to nothing.

I love my car's simplicity- it's daily committment to safely transporting my family. I love its effeciency; it still gets 30 mpg. City. Most of all I love that it represents a time when America could make a car meant to be driven, not replaced. A time I believe we are, hopefully, starting to revisit.