Ford Reliability, Doesn't Matter The Season

By ???? ?.

I'm the third or fourth owner of my 98 Escort. It's bought from Germany, a year and a half before. This winter in the Balkan region is horrible... We have over 1 meter of snow cover, and temperatures dropping as low as -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit). I keep the car outside (there isn't enough place for two cars in the garage), uncovered. The engine starts in the morning at first try, even if it's not started for days (while neighbors driving German cars sometimes try a few times :) ) I've only changed the oil and the oil filter a few months ago. No other service was needed. Having in mind someone before me styled the car, it's lower than a standard Escort, but has no problems with this winter. While others try to make a turn on specific places, I just do a turn with my Escort :) (I have to admit I stuck once, but it was when I entered a high snow, so a part of the body of the car, rested on the snow, so I didn't had enough tire on the road... but, with a small help of my brother-in-law, it went back to the street).
All-in-all, best car I've ever had. I can't believe I didn't liked Ford before. After I got mine, I understood it's true - "Once you go Ford, you never go back".
I'm simply proud I drive Ford!

And for the end, someone once said: "Boys wear ties - Man drive FORD"