Ford Is My Past And Future

My connection with Ford begins with my grandfater working for Ford in Highland Park in the early 1900s. I'm told he was the quality control guy at the end of the line. If the car didn't work, he was the one of the ones who fixed it. He retired in 1946 from Ford.

Some of my uncles went to the Ford Trade School and then went on to work at the Ford assembly lines. Plus in the 30's. my widowed grandmother did piece work for Ford. Things would be brought to her house for assembly and then picked up the next week.

My Father and grandfather always had Ford automobiles. With one exception. In 1950, my father wanted a new Ford, but there was a waiting list, so he bought a 1950 Dodge, a car which he hated from the beginning. His first Ford was a 1932 5 window coupe and his last was a 1999 Ford Escort. He also puttered around for years on two Model As we owned - a 1930 Town Sedan and a 1931 Tudor. My sister has them now.

When the smokestacks of the Ford factory were torn down he took me to Highland Park to watch it because he knew it was history in the making. We went to the Ford Rotunda at least twice a year until it sadly burned down. And the Henry Ford Museum. Oh my gosh, what can I say. It's the best place and I'm so glad Henry started it.

I'm a huge Ford fan and currently drive a 2007 Expedition.
Michael R. Cerza 01/07/2010

I have been a true Ford fan all of my life. I watched my love for Ford turn into a dream come true when I was able to work for the company after completing college and was able to see and do so many great Ford experiences that can never be forgotten. The amazing collection of Ford vehicles through my life, including a 1959 Edsel that was in the movie, "Taking Woodstock" and those to come in the future, make this lifelong journey with Ford so interesting and wonderful. With so much history to enjoy from the past and in the future, it is no wonder I have ventured into the world of writing, and produced a book that is simply amazing! The book covers my adventures with Ford and a later project with Bruce Springsteen, in order to present something else that can help in the area of human peace. It is a project that I am very proud of and hope others will be as well. Thank you Ford for all of the great moments you have given me in my life, and for all of those to come. I presently drive a 2008 Mercury Mariner Premier, and love the vehicle. I can't wait for the new 2011 Ford Explorer!