Ford In Great Britain

hi folks ,as you guessed im from great britain, i own a 1973 ford escort , a 1987 ford capri , and my wife and son both own fiestas, i have always had fords and i think they are the best cars on the planet,in the uk we have a lot of competion ,vw ,toyota ,gm , but they dont come any where near ford ,you build fantastic cars ,good quality ,value for money.i know our range of ford in the uk is differant than the states ,but believe me they are all great cars,you will love the fiesta,we hav had it here since 1976 in differant is the best small car on the planet, you willl all love it.i love your mustang what a great car i would have one if i could get a new one in the thank you for building great cars ,wont buy anything else, keep up the good work ,there is no competition. from ian in england across the pond .