Ford Family For Life

My husband used to sell Fords at Northpoint in Milwaukee. He helped me purchase my first brand new car in 1995 - a white manual transmission Escort. I LOVED that car until it got totalled in an accident Dec 23, 2002. My husband was driving it and a big Suburban ran a stop sign. My husband walked away with just bruises thanks to the air bags!
Since then we have had a Contour, Taurus, and Freestar. I am trying to get my 2004 Freestar with 150,000 miles to last until your next minivan is released in the U.S. Every Ford vehicle we get is better than the one before. When Ford did not take the government bail out money they sealed the deal as the only company we'd ever buy a vehicle from.
I am so excited to see the new C-Max. I really enjoy and need a 7-passenger vehicle. The Flex is just too boxy looking for my taste and I need better gas mileage than an SUV. I am proud to be a mini-van driving, soccer/football/basketball mom. The only thing that would make the C-Max any better would be a standard transmission option. I loved my first Escort and the control and gas mileage standard transmission gave me and I would love that option again in a 7-passenger vehicle.
Thank you Ford, for all you do for America!