Ford Escort

I just want to tell the Ford Motor Company about a 1997 Ford Escort LX Sport. I had that car up until 2007, and it had 77,000 miles on it. There was no rust. I had been in many accidents in that car, (not my fault) people kept rear ending me, and the repair shop could always fix it. Men always wanted to buy it. I loved that car, it was a light green/aqua color. It is the most reliable car that i have ever owned. I am so sad that it is gone. When i go in my last accident, my insurance company finally decided to totaled it. Even with that, the repair men were calling me at the shop were asking me to settle with them. They were trying to offer me almost $4,000 for it. I just wanted Ford to know that to me, that was and always will be, the best car that i ever had.

Patricia Barksdale-Benners
Andrew Horton 08/09/2010
I made this comment before, but I will say it again. Thank you soooo much, Ford Motor Company, for making the 1998 Mercury Marquis. This car SAVED the lives of my parents. My father thought he saw a car coming into his lane so she swerved. He lost control and rolled the car at 45 mph. The car rolled and slid to a stop. My father came out of it with a cut on the head, mom came out with an ego and torn pantyhose. I have NO complaint about that since they are both elderly. I felt they both should have been MORE seriously injured than they were. The right side of the car was crushed. Ford, again thanks for a great car. Too bad the Mercury line is being discontinued.
cjgossar 02/01/2010
I own a 1986 Ford F150 that was passed down through the family and the work i did on it was vary small and the engine has not ben re placed i stell drive it today my frist accadent in it i got hit in the rear and it totaled the other persons car but did not hurt the truck at all iam only 17 and that truck is the safeest vehicle i have ever driven that truck is like hitting a tank it need to be painted but it still gets me around. i plan to keep that truck from here on in.
cjgossar 02/01/2010
I need more in info on why ford F150 is the best saleing truck on the market to day