Escort Saves My Life

I bought my escort in 2007 from a wrecker down the street from my parents house. It was just supposed to get my from A to B being an older car. But this thing had some zip to it. It accelerated nice; was compact but still had a lot of space for multiple passengers.
But anyway, I am driving down I-75 in Cincinnati, OH. Its 2009 and I'm running late for work. It's one of those days that traffic is stopping and then going again. I try to move to the middle lane from the fast lane and I get cut off. Slam into the car in front of me and then across three lanes of highway. Semi's and cars wizzing by me. I slam into the shoulder and pass out. I wake up, get out of the car, and I walk away without a scratch! Thanks Ford! Great, safe car! Escort saved my life!