Escort 15 Years Later

This is an awesome Escort I have...It has over 156,000 miles and looking to double far I have changed a few things--timing belt, serpentine belt, new radiator hoses, coolant flush and new a/c compressor..added some 17" rims is running on original engine and you can tell I am in it for the long haul..i drive it to work everyday commuting just about 100 miles a day..very reliable..I have all utmost respect for Ford and all its products..I would drive this little Escort anywhere I go..would not hesitate to do may not be the fastest thing around, but it gets me to where I need to go...
Jevon O 05/14/2012
that is awesome! i just saw an '89 Escort GT a few days of this posting, i just turned in 157,000 miles.. :) thanks for the encouragement
MJ 05/02/2012
That's great! I'm sure you'll get another 150K out of your escort. I had an '89 Escort GT that had over 280,000 miles on it before I had to shed a tear and let it go. And I didn't put near the amount of care into that car like you have with your's. Good luck and thanks for sharing!