Best Buy Ever!

I purchased my 1978 Fiesta after I delivered my 1973 Pinto to the Ford dealership (for maintenance). Well, I wasn't interested in spending much time in the shop for maintenance, hence the reason for the visit at the time. Didn't realize that I should have the oil changed more often then 27 or 30k miles. Hey, it kept running. The dealer thought I should begin to look at a new vehicle since my Pinto had 157,000 miles. While I was waiting I walked into the showroom and there it was. A loaded Fiesta that was calling my name! At 23, I kissed my Pinto goodbye and moved into my Fiesta. It was the gas rations of 78. I had an odd numbered license plate so I got on line to buy gas. My friend couldn't believe how reasonable it was to fill....never mind it was 2 weeks before I had to wait in line again! My Fiesta spent the next 10 years driving all over. The only reason why I parted with my Fiesta was to move up to a Escort station wagon. The dog show scene took too much room. Now that I'm down to showing only 1 dog at a time, I should have been the lucky one to drive a Fiesta for you! It would have had many dog show miles put on it! Gee, it could have been white with black paw prints. Come on....even Honda has a doggy addition to their line of Element.