Beloved Little Escort Pony

I bought a 1988 Escort Pony in 1998. It had 66,000 miles on it. 1.9 liter with a 4-speed manual transmission. I paid $1,023 for it. They wanted $1,100 but took what I had. I drove it for 10 years and put well over 100,000 more miles on it. When I bought it it ended up needing a water pump after awhile, so while I did that I also replaced the timing belt as preventative maintenance. Other than tires and struts I never had to do anything to it. I drove it through the woods, beat on it on the street and that little car never let me down or left me stranded. Still had the original clutch when I sold it. I would buy another one in a heartbeat even if they aren't that stylish anymore!