Age Does Not Matter.

The most important thing to know when you live in Florida that there is a lot of old stuff around. Not just people, but all kinds of items. I have a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon which I bought new from a local dealer in Palm Beach County in October 94'. The reason I have yet to enter the 21st. Century is that times have been hard, very time I think of trading up something happens, so I wait. Let me say the most important thing besides reliability ( the car starts 99% of the time) is that the Air Conditioning is Cold! In Florida that alone is makes it a great car. Now with $3.96 a gallon gas, this car is worth its weight in gold. So thanks Ford when things are bad your car is keeping me going.
Anthony D. Royal Palm Beach, Fl.
Patricio R 04/27/2012
I cant deny the reliability of the Escort, i personally own a 93' LX sedan that my dad bought new from the dealership as well. Its not the fastest, its not the more fuel efficent, it might not be the coolest car out there, but it performs well on whats its designed to do, take you from point A to B. Also the technology was very cutting edge for the time it was made, even the power seatbelts are still working on mine. I might have a brand new Escape or a Fiesta SES, but the Escort still has an important spot in our family.