A Day I Will Never Forget

On July 14,2008 I was heading east on Highway 16 back to Stony Plain...I was Travelling at Highway Speeds of 110kpm. All of a Sudden a Truck Pulled an illegal left in front of me without giving me time to break. I T-Boned it At Highway Speeds. Because I had no time to break my seat belt didnt lock and my chest hit the steering wheel, then the airbag came out at me. I suffered Severe Internal Chest & Heart Trauma. I was Taken into the Royal Alexandra and ended up going into cardiac arrest and being resusitated.

2 Years On July 14,2010 I am alive and going through Rehabilition For My Chest And Heart For the Damaged I suffered to them.

I Would like to thank ALL THE PEOPLE AT FORD MOTOR COMPANY for Making Safety A Number One Priority. My Escort Sport Should of Been crushed into a piece of metal after hitting a vehicle at that speed.

Thank you again Ford, You And Of Course the Angle that Was Sitting On My Shoulder Kept Me Here To Spend More Time With My Children and Grandchildren.

I Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart.