Ford Through The Years

My Ford story:
I moved to Memphis, TN in October 1994. My graduate degree is in Library Science. In March 1995 I was hired as the Head Librarian of a small library in a small town in northern Mississippi. At the time, I was driving a 1968 Plymouth Fury. My commute round trip would be 78 miles. I needed a different car.
I bought a used 1993 manual 5 speed Probe with 9,000 miles in May 1995. I drove the car 8 years. I planned to drive to Montana in August 2003 with my 20 year old daughter for my 30th high school reunion. The Probe had 187,000+ miles . My husband didn't want us driving a car with that many miles although I had had zero mechanical problems with the car. I shopped for another Ford.
In February 2003 I bought a used 2000 manual 5 speed Escort ZX2 with 58,000 miles. I drove the car until 2008 when my husband's car became an issue. He drove the Escort until the head cracked in June 2011 with 227,000+ miles on it. Again, we had had zero mechanical problems with this fine car until this.
I bought a used 2008 manual 5 speed Focus with less then 9,000 miles to replace the Escort. I drove the Focus to Montana alone this past summer. I honestly got between 42 and 49 miles to the gallon and have the receipts to prove it.
Finally, through the years we have experienced financial difficulties. When Ford Credit financed the Focus I couldn't have been more grateful.
Thanks for making cars I am proud to own.
Laurie Madsen