Ford Girl

At 15 years old, I purchased my very first Ford. A used 1981 Escort. My parents exercised great patience as I learned to drive this manual transmission car, and because it was built so well, the transmission even survived this endeavor! Because the car had over 150,000 miles on it, my parents had me sell it and I drove their Festiva while I was in college 400 miles away from home. The "skate" (as my friends and I nicknamed it) was very reliable and spent many hours on the interstate with me and my friends as we traveled home for college breaks. The summer before I graduated from college I purchased a new 1999 Ford Escort ZX2. This fun little ride made a daily commute of 40 miles and averaged 35 mpg for all the 12 1/2 years that I had it. It started first try every time, and racked up over 179,000 miles. Recently I sold my ZX2. It was a sad day, but it went to a good home and the person who bought it loves to drive it. He's hoping for 250,000+ miles. Now I'm getting acquainted with my 2012 Fusion SE. The technology has come a long way in 12 1/2 years and I am so enjoying it. My Fusion is a super fun ride. It is also very comfortable and safe. Kudos to all the men and women at Ford for making such a fabulous car. The reliability, safety, and technological advancements of Ford vehicles has definitely made me a Ford girl for life!
Smart girl.Stay with Ford,you can,t go wrong.I have been driving Fords for 62 years and love them.