225000 Miles And Still Going Strong

Hi, I'm not sure where to start, however, I have been told by several friends that I should write to Ford to let you know about my car.
Let me start with, my car is a 1998 Escort ZX2 and I have owned her since she had 300 miles, she now has 225000 miles which I have joked about being my goal since I passed the 125000 miles, that the service check book ends at (I figure 100000 more was a respectable number:) I may have to increase my goal as she still doesn't seem to be anywhere near ready to give up!
I live in upstate NY, where everyone knows the weather sucks and yet there is still minimal rust...I have had to do a little cosmetic spackling above my windshield to keep from getting wet in a rainstorm, but that was the most of it, in fact I had to buy my first new muffler system less than 2 years ago which means the first one lasted almost 14 years.
I know her time is probably limited, but I have to admit the thought of getting a new car is a very scary concept. How will I ever find a car that will be as good to me? I have been looking for another Ford as she is just one of 7 Fords that has been in my household over the course of 30 years but am having trouble deciding which would be comparable to the Excort ZX2. 

Angela Shaw