The Beginning Of My Love For Ford's

By Mark M.

It was back in the mid 1940's Marshall, Texas. My Uncle Simon lived in Shreveport, Louisian. He and my Dad worked for the Texas & Pacific Railroad. Uncle Simon used to come visit us with his family in their Ford Deluxe. What a car this Ford Was. One Christmas we road with him to my Grand Mothers house for Christmas in his Ford. Many roads were still gravel back then in the deep south. We were driving on a gravel road and it was very dark that night. We were the only car on that road. Uncle Simon had to stomp the accelerator for some reason and the power of that Ford V-8 Showed it's Stuff. I heard those tires spin as that mighty Ford V-8 roared to life. I was so excited I said Please Uncle Simon do that again and he did. I was totally in love with Fords since that day. I have owned Ford Cars and Trucks. Always the Full size such as the F-150's, Ltd's and Mercury (Ford) Grand Marques Premium. Best friend in School Dayton owned a 1956 Crown Victoria V-8 with dual Hollywood Mufflers. Best sounding car in Bunkie, Louisiana the town where I finished growing up. I presently own a 2008 F-150 STX Ford Truck and a 2007 Mercury Grand Marques LS Premium. I will be a Ford Man till the day I die.
AW "Tex" Bill Knaps, Jr.