By Ed D.

I was 17, lived on a farm is SE Colorado. My uncle was visiting from Eastern Kansas and the car wouldn't start. We lived along US Hwy-50. My father was pushing my uncle in the '53' Ford with a rebuilt flat head v-8, and pushed him out on to the highway into the path of a Semi loaded with bags of sugar. There were no injuries, the semi went off the road into the borrow ditch, but did not turn over, and the only real damage was that the rear part of the body of the Ford was peeled off the frame of the car. I bought the car from my uncle and using a 'Farm Hand' ( a homemade piece of farm equipment for stacking hay) I removed the old body, found a body in a salvage yard nearby, and put the new body on the car. I had the car painted a metallic green and for by 18th birthday, my father had the car reupholstered for me in a teal and white, ‘vinyl’. I used the car for a little over a year, before trading it for a 1958 Ford Fairlane Convertible with an Interceptor V-8, which I took to college. After marriage, graduation from college, I entered the USAF at Randolph AFB , in San Antonio, TX. While there, in February 1968, I traded the convertible for a 1967 Mustang hardtop, that I still own.