Learning On A Flathead

My dad and his partner,sold used cars at the service station. They had a 52 flathead behind the garage, that did not run. It was all there, but needed work. Jim's son Dennis and my buddies, asked if we could get it running and drive it out back. NOTE- a space of less than 300 ft backing up to a furniture store with it warehouse door open all the time.

Well, we got it running. The ford dealer was within sight of where we worked on this car, and we were able to get head gaskets, sediment bowls, etc, starter (used), to make this come try. The amazing thing was, that, we're were not yet 16, for a long time. With the famous 3 in the tree shifter, we had just enough room to spin ties and shift to second, before we had to smash the " I glad they work" brakes. If not, we would have gone into a busy traffic main st.

What summer of taking that car from junk to learning to work the first of , I believe, 10 or more Ford vehicles. That led me to love NASCAR, and today an addition of a 2013 Mustang for my wife.