I Helped Aaannnddd Was Rewarded

One day in May, 2004, a friend asked if I would try to get his elderly neighbor's van started. I'm retired, and always ready to volunteer to help or give anybody some assistance, so I did. His van was out of gas and wouldn't turn over. Abattery charge, gas , and I was a hero. Then, as we were B.S.ing I noticed a bunch of cardboard, blankets piled on a car, I asked what was under all that stuff, it was the elderly gentleman's old car, that he quit using in 1972. (he had bought it new in 1953). Some inquiring about why is sat all those 30+ years, he said he wanted to save it. Three months later, I owned it with 27341 actual miles on it. Complete new braking system, fuel pump, carbuerator, and many hours of rubbing and polishing, it now has 40346 miles on it and looks as new.