My First Car

When I was 17 years old, my Mom had finally talked my Dad into signing for me to buy a car.
I was working that summer in a Grocery store, and saving my money to find and buy my first car and we were looking everywhere people were bringing cars around to show me, trying to sell me, there were Chevy, Nash Ramblers, Dodges, but not anything I had wanted.
Then one day we went to H&H Tractor Supply and there on there lot was my Car. it was a white 2dr. Custom Deluxe, with a flat head V8, I had saved 185.00 working that summer and bought it for that.
It was a beauty and I put spinner hubcaps on it and lowering blocks, every Sunday when all the stores in our town was closed I would cruise main street and look at the reflection of my beautiful first car in the store windows.
If only I had it today, it brings back so many good memories.