1950 Fords Never Die

I am 81 years old. Married to a wonderfull gal for over 61 years. Father of 1 boy and 6 girls. And proud owner of a 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe 2 door with 164750 miles which we bought at Shilling/Murray Motors in New Prague, Mn. on Jan.13, 1950 and was totally restored by L&L Street Rods of Kasson, Mn. in 1999 and is in new condirion like it was when we took delivery of it. Including with it are memory items like all license plates it ever had, original purchase receipt, owners manual, receipts from added items etc.
Now it is driven only on nice Sundays and parades.
Stacey S 12/08/2012
do you hv a pic of your car