16-years Old With Two Loves

By Walt R.

Tomorrow is my 72nd birthday. 56-years-ago tomorrow, my parents bought me my first car, a maroon, 1950 Ford convertible, with a flathead, 100HP, V-8 and a 3-speed manual transmission.

As a teen, living in St. Clair Shores, Michigan in the mid-1950’s, your car and access to a boat to party on Lake St. Clair, headed the ”must have” list.

Top down, that warm, sunny, May afternoon was perfect to show off my highly polished, prized, Ford and the local drive-in, on what would become the Jefferson Ave. “Nautical Mile,” was the place to be seen.

Within minutes I caught the eye of a raven haired, brown eyed, Italian beauty and I knew she was special was stirring in the air. We began to talk and within the hour she invited me to take a spin on her boat. We dropped off her car and, WXYZ rocking on my radio, headed my red Ford to the Grosse Pointe Farms pier.

Thus began my duel affection for both Lois and my Ford. For the next five years our romance blossomed and every memory and moment with Lois, my Ford was my chariot, a silent wing-man.

Sorry to say, in 1961 Uncle Sam called and I was off for 4-years of USAF active duty in Washington State. By the time I was discharged, the two loves of my life, Lois and my beautiful Ford Convertible were both gone. However, even today, my memories of the passion of youth, Lois and my Ford convertible, the clear memories of my youth and remain very special.

Many years may have passed but, I remain a Ford man and my 1950 Ford convertible has been replaced with many another Ford, my white Ford Excape the latest.