My First Car

My name is Stanley Anderson from Hattiesburg, MS. My first car was a 1964 Ford Custom 500. I bought it from my cousin for $75.00. It was a strip down. The only body it had left was from the firewall to the back of the front seat and no doors. It had lights and a windshield and was street legal. It had a 352 CID with a 4V carb that would get stuck in the wide open position when I floored it. I had more fun with that car and drove it to school every day except when it rained. I have been caught in the rain on several occasions and as the windshield wipers wiped the outside my buddies would wipe the inside. Lots of fun memories from that car. I have been a Ford fan ever since. I have owned a 1950 Ford sedan, a 1974 Torino, and I am on my 3rd Mustang. Ford fan for life.