First Car

In late 1965, my father was provided a new "company car" for his job. It was a '66 Ford with a 289 engine. It's color was emberglo. Over the next 2 years, dad put approximately 60K miles on the vehicle. At that point it was time to get another vehicle, so dad purchased the '66 and kept it as a family car.
In 1969 when I got my driver's license it became my first vehicle. I drove the car over the next 6 years until 1975, when I purchased another company car, a '73 Gran Torino.
The '66 had 150k miles by then and had put up with quite a bit of abuse from this young driver. However, at that point, my younger brother inherited the car when he got his license, driving the car past 200K miles.
Throughout all the years we had the car, it was a great vehicle. The engine was overhauled around 125K miles, and the transmission was once or twice. The front end got bashed in a wreck at a four way stop. But despite all that, it ran great and drove well. I've had many Ford vehicles since, including seven Mustangs, but I always continue to have fond memories of that'66.