The Love Affare

My Frist words were Ford an iv been saying that now for 62yrs. From my Frist 57 Ford custom 300 that I put a 427 side oiler toploader 4spd in, to my 1969 mach1 an my 2003 mach1. My love affair doesn't stop there I have a 2000 Excursion limited that pulls my 1985 mustang GT compition Delete factory race car. I'm working on getting the new gt500 650hp mustang as my brother has an 2007 gt500. Iv got Ford blue running in my vanes. Both my boys have fords 2008 gt an 1967 fairlane 500 2d HT. Coke bottle cars. My father an my grand father had many fords an mercurys. Thankyou for letting me tell are family story. It's a good one. Sincerely Dave ( Ford) Bagalini.