Why I Will No Longer Buy Fords

I have driven ford rear drive cars since 1957. They were always roomy dependable and served my needs.Today I am retired and use my 07 grand marquis taking long trips to visit grandchildren and this great country of ours. I can understand dropping the mercury line, if you were retaining the panther platform in the ford lineup. So many people buy the crown vic who are disabled. These cars are low to the ground easy to enter and exit. We dont want a truck type vechicle or suv that is high off the ground and difficult for people with hip back or leg problems. Your company is making a big mistake!
Gregg/Ohio 06/06/2013
the Crown Vic was a ICON.
T Craig-P71CV 09/13/2011
For some reason Ford seems to be ignoring those of us who prefer the full size panther cars such as the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and of course the Town Car. Ford needs to wake up and realize there is still a market out there for big cars. This person says that he's been driving Fords since 1957, now that's brand loyalty. If Ford want to continue with this type of loyalty they need to make cars that us big car fans want as well. The problem is like most other corporations Ford seems to only want to cater to the younger, more hip customers. They seem to forget there are still a lot of older customers that still want big cars. I'm not that old myself, I'm only 42 and I have always liked big cars. At 18 years old my first car was a 1977 Plymouth Fury, and every car I've owned since then were full size rear wheel drive beasts and that's all I want. So if any of the CEOs at Ford actually reads any comments from the Ford Story site give us big car drivers a new full size rear wheel drive, body on frame car. Thank you
Erik 07/06/2011
@Huey, the only option would be the Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger. Ford is being retarded about discontinuing it.
Huey 06/29/2011
So where will all these ex Panther Car customers go to now? No one makes them like they used to. The closest one would be the FWD Impala but even that is dead man walking.
se by 06/28/2011
i am very disappointed in ford for the discontinue of the vic. your losing $ with police station. i have been seeing an awful lot od dodges as police cars.
Connor 06/07/2011
i love the crown vic, and i am really dissapointed with ford for disscontinuing it. Bring it back ford, thats all i can say.
Sabotage 12/30/2010
I hope that Ford eventually brings back the Vicky and Towncar. It would be a great opportunity to remind us as to how great these cars have been. I've had 2 and looking for another.