The Best Police Car

By Alex J.

My name is Alex, I am from the Mason Police Department. I just wanted to say that we have loved every minute with the crown vics, and its sad to see those go. We've tested the new interceptor from Ford, and many others. But the crown vic obviously won. Ford, the crown victoria was th very best car for police use. Please, bring it back, and have it exactly how it was before. We have to use a V8, and the body style of the crown vic looks very impressive and intimitating to other cars. We look forward to purchasing more crown vics once they get reproduced again. Thanks, Mason Police
Jim N 03/23/2014
Years ago Chev stopped building the rwd Caprice 1996 (If I remember right)Which was slightly behind Ford in cop car sales and right then they started touting their fwd caprice cruiser complete with a 3.8V6. That clearly didn't work so thay now are pushing thier RWD Impala? as a cruiser .
 Chrysler was selling their old diplomat as thier last rwd cruiser and then relly pushed thier Lhs fwd cars as police cars (I am not sure I have Ever seen one) and Now they have rwd again in the Charger.  
GM really did Expect the police departments to buy the New fwd cars just like they did the old rwd But didn't happen at all. This left Ford as being the only seller of rwd cop cars. So It really boosted Crown Vic sales big time. Fast forward to 2011 Ford quit making the rwd Crown Vic and Now Chrsyler has the Only rwd police car made in North America.
Ford is wanting police agencys to buy the new taurus SHO as police cruisers but all it really did was sell more Chargers.